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January 10, 2008



Ligar Bay!!- we have just come back from 10 days at Tata Beach which is the next bay round. We love it there & go each year.
So sorry to hear about your fence!


Sorry to hear about the stuff going on. Frankly, pretty crappy the nice Christchurch couple didn't kick in a bit for the fence. Your boy has grown again - looks like he is having a ball :)


aww Ligar Bay is where i spent or mis-spent my youth!! How awesome..lovin those pics. Sorry to hear about your fence but at least you tracked them down..can understand your concern re the boys you have probably ironically done the parents a favour..sad that it had to come to that though. love your shop layout :-)Gorgeous.


OMG! Look at your boy! He looks like such a little man! Just like my boy. Sorry, but I can't help but compare him to Dan.

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