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June 20, 2010


Su C.

I'd like to lots of elbow room and a comfortable chair.

I'd like to see new product displays and have prizes and give aways. I'd like to hear information on new tools and techniques. Of course, Coffee so I can stay awake!

lean de ruiter

Dusty Attic i am speekles.We cant bye dusty ofer here...snifsnif.So i think every srapping person wanna have this...love this ..need this.Good luck girls!!!!

karen haywood

would have to have Mistra who I have known for many years but never met in real life would love her to be teaching some tech's , lots of Dusty Attic products which I have never seen or used , lots of choc to enjoy with friends and coffee to enjoy.Spa Bath under the sky to sit relax and take in the night skies as I ponder on my journey as a scrapbooker

Leanne Love

Mmmm well I would have to say coffee on tap 24 hours a day to keep me going......

Bonnie Friesen

I have never been on a scrapbooking retreat! Lots of room and extra comfy chairs are a must. Good food, coke Slurpee's on tap, chocolate and Tim Holtz classes!

Massages are good too! LOTS of Dusty Attic products, product give aways, classes on new tools and techniques. Most of all good scrappy friends to share it all with!

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