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May 29, 2009



Hi sweetie, not something I would ever do, but I admire you for doing something that has been a dream for you.... Love and hugs from NZ....


Great tattoo, looks fantastic. I'm wanting another tat, have 2 already just don't know what to get for my next one. Last one was a kiwi on my wrist, got that before we left NZ to live in Aus :) No way was I going to forget where I came from!

Kim Geling

Awww thanks love ♥

The tat looks awesome, can't wait to see it IRL.
Chat to you soon xx

Karen B

Wow!! Your Tat is absolutely gorgeous. What a great design you clever thing you... The clip it up looks awesome have been thinking of one for ages but a bit short of space atm...

Lyn Jordan

Tat looks stunning...I chickened out!! Love the clip it up system too.....I think I will have to invest! And the new look blog....bought one from House of 3, 2 months ago....slack and just haven't loaded yet!! You have inspired me to try tonight!......Mwah's

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